announce the release their second full-length album, 'GOOD NATURED' which offers unique, melody-rich songs. They sensitively combine a heady mix of indie, alternative rock and a dash of Americana. The music will transport you from passion to sweetness to yearning.
13 Frightened Girls - "Say Hello" CD cover art

“Good Natured is 13 Frightened Girls’ first new album in far too long and upon first listening, it has all the warmth of reconnecting with a close friend after too long a gap. But as is so often the way, this friend has a few unsettling anecdotes amongst the familiar and comforting moments. Sumishta’s voice is as bright and beautiful as ever, but there is added urgency crackling through these songs, and the quality of the writing is truly something to behold. The title track itself would not be misplaced amongst the work of Neil Young at his Gold Rush best, whilst elsewhere there are moments worthy of comparison to Gene Clark, Big Star and the Velvet Underground. Indeed, album closer “ All Matter of Time” is surely the song the Velvets would have written had they ever recruited Marianne Faithfull. But comparisons are a box ticking exercise for the uninitiated, for everyone else this is the new album by 13 Frightened Girls, and it’s their best yet.”
- Jude Rawlins

13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS release their first full length CD entitled SAY HELLO on the Ozmosis UK label.

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There are 11 tracks on the "SAY HELLO"album which includes
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"Paul Robeson" located at Union Songs)

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