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timeframe- a pictoral journey

Pop and Me as a baby..long time ago....

My father and me when I was
still very little indeed!

Me at the front and my sister, on her very groovy
rocking horse I always wished belonged to me.
What can I say? Hers just rocked better than mine!

Sometime when we were 8 and 10 we got our own
playhouse which was really a a wooden shed
but we
were very smug about it as you can
clearly see.

When we lived in Laurel Canyon in the livingroom and
documented proof that the lotus position came quite
natural to me!

Sumishta at four

At 4 I had a doll nearly as big as myself.
I loved playing on the swing when I wasn't been chased off by our dog Waldo who was still a puppy and didn't know any better...

Sumishta with

Here I am with 'Jo'
on a ranch
in Nevada when I was 6 years old.
I was quite a little cowgirl - I had
no fear of horses no matter how
big they were.

Sumishta with

This was my pony called 'Little Red'. He was not pleased to see me and in time I wasn't so pleased to see him because he did not like having me on his back. He always kicked me off him and as with all difficulties I was confronted with in life, no matter how many times I landed on my butt I had to get right back on.

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