Sumishta's Universe: A book called "Wonderwell"

Wonderwell - a book of Pictures and Words
Let me tell you a little bit about the reason I decided to bring this book out: When I was 15 I had a chance to meet and speak with the artist and sculptor Henry Moore, who liked my drawings who liked my artwork so much he said he'd recommend me to any art school in England! After he gave me a tour of his studios and it was time for me to leave, he told me, as any good teacher would,

"draw every day"....

Some years later the actor James Mason - who was a close friend of my film director father John Brahm - came to visit our family home. I noticed that he kept a small book in which he would draw and write down his thoughts. When I asked him if I could look at it, he agreed on condition that I would add a drawing of my own to it. Since that day I have filled many small books with my own drawings and thoughts.

A few years ago a friend of mine asked me if I would ever consider selling any of these books. My answer was an emphatic "no!". Nevertheless, this thought led me to the idea of compiling the best out of my little books. With so many to choose from, I have decided to produce a series of titlesof which
Wonderwell is the first.

© 2016 Sumishta Brahm

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